Voice Over Internet; Ditching the Landline

I have moved my phone number away from BT to voipfone.co.uk, and ceased the BT landline I was using. This is how I've got on.

What's VOIP?

When you phone me, the call reaches my phone as internet traffic, through my broadband connection, and into a phone that conencts to my router instead of my phone line. If my internet connection is off, calls get diverted to another nominated phone number.


Good things

Sound Quality. The sound quality is just as good as before, if not better - now I've got it all set up correctly. Initially, phonecalls would crackle and break up if I was using the internet for anything else. Once I set up my router to give phone calls a higher priority than anythign else the problem went gone away.

Price: It's a little cheaper. Outgoing calls are much less, though calls diverted to my mobile are more. I had to buy a new phone, and had to pay £20 to transfer my number form BT to Voipfone.

Flexibility: When you call me, my VOIP phone and my mobile ring simultaneoulsy, and I can just choose which to answer. If it's the mobile, I have to pay a fee.

In principle, I can plug in my VOIP phone to the internet anywhere in the world and receive incoming calls.


Bad things.

It took me more time than I expected to make it work properly. A totally non-technical person would be put off by needing to reconfigure my router.


I have one remaining problem. I have it set up to ring my mobile & the voip phone simultaneously. If my mobile is turned off, the call gets answered by the Orange answerphone, before I get to answer the VOIP handset. I can only avoid this by turning my mobile's answerphone off, which I didn't really want to do.