Remote Support

Sometimes the most efficient way to help you is to take control of your computer remotely. For simple problems, 10 minutes of remote support can save the cost of an hour's worth of on-site support.  You need a working broadband connection.

Our remote support software works on Windows and Macs.

Starting a remote support session:

Click here to start a remote support session (after you've talked to us)


If that fails for any reason we may ask you to try this one instead

Please don't click this if you haven't arranged it. You will just get a message saying we have rejected the connection as we won't know who you are.

Your computer will probably pop up one or more boxes asking what to do with the file, depending on what operating system you are using. Click 'Run' or 'open' to continue.


The remote support software is totally secure. Only you can initiate the session, not me, When you run the software it makes a connection to my computer and gives me control. The software is 'hard-wired' to connect to our computer - it cannot give control to anyone else. When a session is in progress all the data going back and forth is encrypted.

If it would be useful for us to take greater control of your computer remotely, we can install software that allows us to initiate a connection from our end - we will discuss this with you if we think it might be beneficial.


Contract clients will be invoiced afterwards for the session if it is not included on your service contract.

Other customers may be asked to pay in advance. This may be done on-line by credit card