A Home PC using 10W of power?

I recently bought myself a low power PC from http://www.aleutia.com/. It uses just 10-14W when it's running. It's really the same as one of those 'netbooks' but without the screen.


I put Windows 7 on it, and it's surprisingly usable. For cheap and efficient casual web surfing and email, it would be just fine.


But what I really wanted it for was two things. Well, three if you include having a new toy to play with.

1) I stream music around my house to Squeezeboxes from my PC. I don't like leaving it on all the time, so a box that uses 10W is much better for keeping my music files.

2) a place to back up data from my main PC. I put a 640GB drive (the biggest 2.5" drive I could find that day) in it. Backups work fine by ethernet cable within my office.

Ideally though the 14W PC would be in my garage, safe from burglars stealing my main PC. For that, I either need to drill a hole to run an ethernet cable, or use Homeplug. That'll be slower than ethernet, but I hope it'll be just about fast enough when I've sorted out a little problem - my Homeplug network runs at 1MBit, due to interference from somethign in the house.