Home Users

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Streaming media

One thing I use at home is internet radio, and music streamed from my PC to my hifi downstairs, or in the kitchen.

There are several ways of doing this sort of thing now, but I use a Squeezebox (from http://www.slimdevices.com) I have two, and they can be synchronised to play the same music, or they can be used independently by different family members. I can play my own music, or I can play BBC iPlayer radio programs through my kitchen speakers, using the Squeezeboxes remote control.

Home networking

'Networking' just means connecting 2 or more bits of computer equipment together.

So, in your home you can be sitting on the sofa (watching Big Brother I expect) sending emails wirelessly, writing a document that's stored on another computer, and printing out photos onto the printer upstairs even though you're not connected to it (Big Brother isn't that exciting, after all).

Slow computers?

A common problem for home users is that their computers run very slowly. This can be due to having too much software running, insufficient memory (RAM), a virus, or sometimes hard disk problems. Our health-check can give these computers a whole new lease of life.

No problem too small

You may have something that will only take us 5 minutes to fix, such as configuring an email account for you, or explaining how to do a mailmerge in Word (OK, that one may take more than 5 minutes unless you're pretty familiar with computers).  That sort of problem is perfect for fixing remotely. We can access your computer from our office, and you only get a bill for 5 minutes' work plus a £5 connection charge.  See our Remote support page for more.

Why use us?

Many large companies, when asked to fix a home computer, will delete all programs and data from the disk without asking, and reinstall it, as it was when you bought it.  We often talk to customers who have lost precious family photos, or email, because they have been deleted during a repair.


We don't do this. First, we always back up your PC before we start, unless you tell us we don't need to. So we can't lose any of your data.  Secondly, we always try to repair your computer as it is, returning it with the same programs, settings and data files as when you gave it to us.  It isn't always possible to do this, but we have a go.  Sometimes reformatting and reinstalling is the most sensible option - but we will put back your data files afterwards, because of course we backed them up first.